Galactic Trade Helper v1.1 for Android

Galactic Trade Helper for Android has been updated to version 1.1.

Changelog (version 1.1)

- Added the ability to clear input fields.
- Added text hints to input fields.
- Added a nicer layout for tablets in landscape view.
- Changed accent colour.
- Small bug fixes.

As usual, if there are any feature requests and/or bug reports, please send them to us!

Get it on Google Play.

Galactic Trade Helper for Windows

Galactic Trade Helper is now available for Windows as a Universal app! This release supports the following platforms:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Phone 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile

Let us know if there are any feature requests and/or bugs!

You can get it on the Windows Store.

Happy profiteering!

Website Overhaul

We have revamped our website in conjunction with a redefined company. The exciting success of our first app, the Galactic Trade Helper, has given us the much needed passion, dedication, and push to further our goals. We see much more clearly now where we are headed, what we want to achieve, and even how we should achieve these goals given the resources we have now.

On the first Horizon, we will focus on gaining more expertise and skill in designing Windows apps. The Galactic Trade Helper for Windows Phone and Windows Desktop will be out very shortly, followed by another game-related simple app only for the Windows platform.

On our second Horizon, our focus will shift towards educational games. A few ideas are up in the air which are being researched in terms of feasibility, but they are language related learning apps and games. With Windows 10 being an up and coming platform, it would be good to break into this market before it is flooded and becomes oversaturated like the Apple and Android markets.

Beyond these two horizons, Humboldt Apps will be setting up a basis for full apps, games, and RPGs. As we strive for a world where education is accessible to everyone, we will endeavour to create and build apps and games with an educational background. Many ideas are being worked on, and will come to fruition once we reach the third Horizon.

In the meantime, enjoy the look of our new website and feel free to download our apps on the Apps page.

Announcing Galactic Trade Helper

Our new Android app, Galactic Trade Helper has been posted to Google Play. It's entirely free and there are no ads.

The Galactic Trade Helper was initially created for our personal use in SWTOR. We wanted an easy way to calculate receiving 1 credit profit on reselling an item on the GTN, which sparked the first part of the app; the Profit Margin calculator. This now also shows the Break Even Price, which quickly shows you how much you need to resell an item for to break even.

From that, we decided to make it into an app and added Single Item and Item Stack calculators, which calculate the credits received after commission.

We want to share the app with everyone who plays SWTOR, whether you're just curious how much you can sell an item for and how much you'd receive when it sells, or if you want to play the market and see exactly how much the commission is, what your break even point is, and how much profit you will make selling popular items at a higher price on the GTN.

It is important to us that our apps are easy to use, have no ads, and the entire functionality is free to you. Any suggestions are always welcome.

You can get it on Google Play.

Summer Update #02

We are proud to present the new look of Humboldt Apps. Our website has been completely redesigned with a fully responsive layout for viewing on mobile platforms. Stay tuned for more updates!