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Galactic Trade Helper v1.3 for Windows 10

Galactic Trade Helper has been updated to version 1.3 for Windows 10.

Changelog (version 1.3)

- Rewrote the app for Windows 10 Universal. Works on Continuum!
- Added adaptive layouts.
- Added an upper limit on how much to sell items for according to SWTOR's max values.
- Added an indicator to indicate which calculator is active on desktop view.
- Added a price breakdown for the Profit Margin calculator.
- Added a toggle for keeping the screen on for mobile users.
- Added buttons to clear all fields on desktop and the current calculator on mobile.
- Added Open Source attribution in the settings.
- App icon is now transparent.
- Settings now save to Roaming Settings to sync settings across devices.
- Updated the changelog format to be a bit more organised.