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Galactic Trade Helper v1.2 for Android

Galactic Trade Helper for Android has been updated to version 1.2.

Changelog (version 1.2)

- New: Added a Settings menu.
- New: Added theming support in the Settings with two themes: Light and Dark.
- New: Added a "Clear Fields" button that clears all input fields on tablets, and the inputs in the current view on phones.
- New: Added a "What's New?" dialog when the app is first run after an update or installation.
- Bug: Fixed an issue that would cause the Break Even Price to reset to 0 when clearing the Resale Price.
- Bug: Fixed an issue where an incorrect highlight colour was shown when highlighting text.
- Bug: Fixed an issue where the soft keyboard would stay open when changing between calculator tabs.
- Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented the statusbar from becoming translucent on devices running Kitkat (4.3)
- Change: Max item stacks now go up to 9999.
- Change: Input fields now only show the clear button when there is text in the field.
- Change: Input fields now handle ridiculously large numbers and caps them to SWTOR's max values.
- Change: Icons are now rendered through a symbol font.
- Change: Increased font size for column headers on tablets.
- Change: Moved App Info and Open Source Licenses to Settings.
- Change: Open Source Licenses now show the full license for each library used in the app.

As usual, if you find any bugs, please report them to us!